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Birthday- Male

Have a Bouncin' Birthday- Balls
Birthday Blast- Rockets
Dino-mite Birthday- Dinosaurs
Hoppy Birthday- Frogs
Reel Happy Birthday- Fishing
Swingin Birthday- Tennis or Golf
Kickin' Birthday- Soccer
Boot Scootin Birthday- Hats & Boots
Happy Birthday Deer- Hunting
Hoopy Birthday- Basketball
Out Of This World Birthday- Space
Happy Birthday Sailor- Sailing
Handyman Birthday- Tools
Smile It's Your Birthday- Happy Faces
Udderly Awesome Birthday- Cows
Clown Around Birthday- Clowns
All Aboard Birthday- Trains
Doggone Good Birthday- Dogs
Serving Up Another Great Year- Tennis
Strike Another Year- Bowling or Baseball
Jackpot It's Your Birthday- Casino
Party Til The Cows Come Home- Cows




Birthday- Female

Bloomin Birthday- Flowers
Spring Into A New Year- Butterflies & Flowers
Birthday Wishes- Birthday Cake
Here's The Scoop Birthday- Ice Cream Cones
Blooming Birthday- Flowers
Hoppy Birthday- Bunnies
Berry Happy Birthday- Strawberries
Beary Happy Birthday- Teddy Bears
Purr-Fect Birthday- Cats
Smile It's Your Birthday- Happy Faces
Bee Happy It's Your Day- Bees
Udderly Awesome Birthday- Cows
Clown Around Birthday- Clowns
Happy Birthday Lady- Lady Bugs
Angels With Gifts- Angels
Dance! It's your Birthday- Ballet Bears
Herd It's Your Birthday- Cows
Pouring Wishes Your Way- Tea Pot & Cup
Serving Up Another Great Year- Tennis
It's You Day To Shine- Stars
Party Till The Cows Come Home- Cows
Bee Happy It's Your Birthday - Bee's

Thank You

Thanks Berry Much- Strawberries
Thanks Bear Much - Teddy Bears
Thanks Sew Much- Sewing
Pouring Out  Thanks- Watering Cans
Thanks A Yacht- Boats
Thanks A Bunch- Flowers
Moochas Gracias- Cows
Thanks A Latte- Coffee Cups
Just A Note Of Thanks- Music Notes
Thanks A Reel Bunch- Fish
World Of Thanks- Earth
You're Bloomin' Terrific- Flowers
Thanks From the Bunch- Flowers
Thanks A Million- Money
Thanks Deer- Hunting
Thanks You're Simply Purr-fect - Cats
Thanks You're Simply Parfect- Golf
Thanks Partner- Cowboy
Pouring Out The Thanks- Tea Pots & Cups
Thanks Sport- Any Sport
Thanks Bee To You- Bees
Par-fect Job Thanks- Golf

Get Well

Perk Up- Coffee Cups
Get Well Berry Soon- Strawberries
Get Well Beary Soon- Teddy Bears
Got A Bug?- Lady Bugs or Crawfish
Speedy Recovery- Cars or Motorcycles
Bounce Back Soon- Sport Balls
Cookies Are Good Medicine- Pills            Doctor's or Nurses
Get Well Reel Soon- Fishing
Get Well Soon Sailor- Sailing
Get Well Soon Sport- Any Sport
Been Dragon?- Dragons
Get  Swingin' Soon- Tennis or Golf
Get Well Doctors Orders- Doctors
Get Well Soooon- Cows
Herd You're Not Well- Cows
Bee Better/ You'll Bee Okay- Bees
Keep Smiling- Happy Faces
Under The Weather?- Umbrellas
To Brighten Your Day- Sunshine Faces
An Apple A Day- Apples
To Lift Your Spirits- Air Balloons
Praying For You- Cross & Bible
Keep Truckin'- Monster Trucks
Have A Speedy Recovery- Turtles           Getting Back in the Swing of Things?- Golf Hope You're Feeling Par-fect Soon- Golf
Hope you're feeling Dino-mite soon- Dinos
Get Butter Soon- Butterflies
Hope Your Up and Flying Soon- Butterfly

New Baby

A Star is Born- Stars with Baby's Statistics
New Kid on the Block- Blocks with Info
Herd the Good News- Cows
Oh Baby- Baby Critter
Rock-A-Bye Baby - Rocking Horses

Over The Hill

You're Still a Spring Chicken- Chickens
Time To Face Up To It- Turtles
Oh No! Another Gray Hare- Gray Bunnies
Over The Hill- Hills
Here Lies Your Youth- Tombstones
You Old Buzzard- Buzzards
Lordy! Lordy! Look Who's Fore-tee - Golf



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